What We Do

The Rainbow Tick is a quality improvement cycle designed to make an organisation a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for people of diverse gender identity and sexual orientation.

We evaluate your progress over time:

Our evaluations sensitively evaluate your organisation’s level of LGBTTI inclusion in these five areas:

  • Policy
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Engagement and Organisational Support
  • External Engagement
  • Monitoring

Where there are deficiencies we make evidence-based recommendations for change.

We provide you with user-friendly resources and support during the implementation of any required change.

A training package is customised to suit your organisation.

Once the benchmarks are met you are awarded the Rainbow Tick and this can be displayed and used in any job advertising or during any organisational or business promotions.

To keep your Rainbow Tick certification valid we need to carry out an annual check which will help you maintain the Rainbow Tick standards.

To get the conversation going we suggest you go to Are You Diversity Inclusive? and see how your organisation stacks up.