Welcome Massey University !

Prof Jan Thomans

We were very happy to hand over the Rainbow Tick certificate to Massey University yesterday at the Wellington campus. Massey is our third tertiary institution to become certified, and this demonstrates a real awareness in the higher education sector of the value of being welcoming and inclusive … [Read more...]

That’s So Gay!

This is one of the topics that comes up often in our workshops. Language is slippery, flexible and meanings shift depending on time and context, but we're pretty confident in saying that using "gay" as a negative description is really not ok. Kids get bullied with it, and adults keep using it … [Read more...]

Two Years of Rainbow Tick !


The Rainbow Tick turned 2 years old on February 17th ! We really weren't sure how New Zealand would respond to the need for LGBTTI workplace inclusion, but it has been amazing to see the positive response. We have Rainbow Tick network members from some of the countries largest companies to some … [Read more...]