Westpac Gets The Rainbow Tick At First Attempt !

Westpac received its Rainbow Tick yesterday at a ceremony with the CEO David McLean and other members of the bank’s executive team and members of its Global network.

Su Duffey, Gm for HR, Michael Stevens, Rainbow Tick, David McLean, CEO & Ian Blair, GM Retail Bank

Su Duffey, GM for HR, Michael Stevens, Rainbow Tick, David McLean, CEO & Ian Blair, GM Retail Bank

What made Westpac’s process unique was that in assembling all the data required for the evaluation we discovered it was already at the standard to be awarded the Rainbow Tick. This was a pleasing surprise for all involved, and it reflects the bank’s very real commitment to being a truly inclusive workplace.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas that can be improved, but this is an excellent result and the first time this has happened.

As we were able to note in our report to them:

“Westpac’s evaluation results are outstanding – this is the first time we have evaluated an organisation and found it already at the required level to achieve certification,” says Michael Stevens, Programme director at Rainbow Tick.

“The outstanding work of Westpac’s Global group in collating the materials required was essential in facilitating this process.”

“It was particularly pleasing to see the genuine commitment to this work from the highest levels of Westpac. It is this type of inclusive leadership that helps enable the organisation perform so well across all these areas.”

Members of the GLOBAL Team

Members of the GLOBAL Team

Su Duffey, GM Human Resources and Chair of the Diversity Steering Group said that “We’re very proud to have been awarded the Rainbow Tick. Diversity and inclusiveness  is extremely important to us at Westpac, and we believe that attracting and retaining the best talent, and in turn understanding and meeting the needs of our customers can only be met through nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity – “you being you”. Our GLOBAL team has been helping us to break down barriers and ensure LGBTI employees and customers are acknowledged and valued for their individual qualities – the Rainbow Tick accreditation is a great recognition of the progress we’ve made, and in particular achieving the Tick on our first attempt reflects that we’ve been focussing on the right activities.”