Welcome Publicis (NZ) !

We’re delighted to welcome Publicis Loyalty(NZ) to the Rainbow Tick !

All our clients so far have been big organisations, usually with more than a thousand employees, but the New Zealand economy is built on SMEs (Small & Medium size Enterprises)  so we have been working on ways to bring the benefits of the Rainbow Tick to this vital sector of the workforce.

We have a few other pilot sites of different sized organisations working their way towards the Rainbow Tick and helping us as they do so,  but  Publicis Loyalty (NZ) is our first pilot site to reach the level required for the Rainbow Tick and at the same time the first organisation we know of to achieve the required level for the recently published Standard, NZS 9200:2015 – Rainbow Inclusive Workplaces. That’s a pretty exciting outcome for a pilot site. Publicis run the Qantas loyalty programme in New Zealand, and have been operating for about a year now.

What made the event even more special was having the Honourable Nikki Kaye, the MP for Auckland Central (where Publicis is located) kindly come and speak at the handover of the certificate.

The Hon. Nikki Kaye MP, Matt Jackson (Publicis) and Michael Stevens

   The Hon. Nikki Kaye MP, Matt Jackson (Publicis) and Michael Stevens

The Minister made the point that people coming from Rainbow communities are vastly  over-represented in negative mental health statistics because of the way the society  has historically treated them. So programmes like the Rainbow Tick that work  towards  making the workplace welcoming and safe have a strongly beneficial effect    f or staff  and employers and model how to be truly inclusive.

Nikki Kaye has shown her support for the Rainbow Tick in the past when we  launched the programme in Wellington last year and we’re grateful that she  understands the value of our work and continues to support us.

Publicis has demonstrated real commitment to the work of the programme from the  very top of the organisation as seen in this statement from  Richard Switzky                      ( Managing partner) who had the following to say about our certification;​

I am very proud of this achievement. This opportunity was brought to our attention and we as an organisation immediately embraced it. It totally aligns with our values of respect for the individual and a spirit of inclusion for all, where employees can feel comfortable and be themselves in the workplace. It helps us attract highly capable employees who might favour us over better known or larger organisations. Please let all staff know (both Qantas and non Qantas) throughout Australia and New Zealand about this certification and make sure they tell their family and friends as well. Well done to all!

Nikki Kaye Cake

The Hon. Nikki Kaye and Michael Stevens cutting cakes.

Handing over the certificate was a lot of fun, with all staff off the phones for 15 minutes to attend and with cakes and rainbow-coloured biscuits for all.

We’re looking forward to growing the SME side of our business, because it is essential for the New Zealand workplace and for the well-being of our people. Publicis has shown that the project is do-able and worthwhile for smaller organisations, and we are grateful for their support as develop this side of our work.

Publicis Lanyard