Three Years On !

Coca Cola Amatil (NZ) was the second organisation to get the Rainbow Tick way back in 2014, and we’re happy to say that once again they are not just up to the mark but getting better every year.

CL SP WR Rainbow (002)

Chris Litchfield (Managing Director), Wendy Rayner (GM Strategy & Brand) and Steve Paddis (CFO) celebrating geting accredited for the third time

Continual Quality Improvement is one of our goals with all network members, and it’s always interesting to see how different organisations come up with ways to do things better. One of the most effective ways of embedding and strengthening the Rainbow Tick in the workplace is by letting staff see how it links to wider strategy and values, and CCA has done this really well.

Rainbow Tick Accreditation_ outside (002)

Executive Team and Champions of Diversity (CODE)

Staff both from the Rainbow community and the wider workforce expressed their support for the programme and were keen to think of ways to advance the work. Their CODE group and other allies have been vital in supporting the work.


We’re looking forward to the next three years!