More Rainbow Ticks !

Well here we are halfway through the year and happy to welcome five new members to the Rainbow Tick !


Kim Jarrett (Partner), Michael Stevens and Justine Todd (CSR Manager) at KPMG

KPMG is our first professional services firm to join the programme and it was a pleasure to hand them their certificate in March.

Following them Repromed in Auckland got through the process, and they count as our smallest organisation so far with just 12 FTE. It’s wonderful to see this part of healthcare that is of increasing importance to the Rainbow Community taking such pro-active steps this way.


Vector 16a

Glen Conley, Teina Mana, Michael Stiassny (Chair), Michael Stevens and Simon MacKenzie (CEO)


Coming fast on the heels of Repromed   we were delighted to hand over the      certificate at a full board meeting, with  Vector Chair, Michael Stiassny and  CEO Simon MacKenzie voicing their    full support for the programme.

Vector is our second big heavy industry network member after Fletcher Building. The fact that companies such as these, which might have been seen as unwelcoming at best and hostile at worst to people from Rainbow communities have embraced the ethos of our work is very heartening.

New Zealand has changed.

And the fourth new member to the network is Microsoft NZ. We are thrilled to work with such an important global player and our first IT company.

The fifth is the eminent law firm Russell McVeagh, our second law firm and it[‘s great to see the energy and sincerity that this sector is putting into this area.RMcV

Along with these newly certified Rainbow Tick Network members, we have a range of new organisations that have signed up from around the country.

The Rainbow Tick is growing, and it’s making a difference.