The Rainbow Tick Breakfast


Michael Stevens, Dr Harold Hillman, and Grant Frear

Last week the ASB very kindly hosted our Rainbow Tick Network Breakfast. It was in part a way to mark mark our 2nd birthday with all our network, and also a good opportunity to share some ideas and information.

Even though the weather was pretty foul, it was a great morning with nearly 100 people attending.

Grant Frear, the Executive GM for Strategy at ASB welcomed us all, and we  were very fortunate in having the thought-leader and author Dr Harold Hillman of Sigmoid Consulting as our guest speaker. Harold is renowned for his work on business leadership and the need for and value of authenticity in the workplace.


Dr Harold Hillman

We’ve had feedback since the event from many attendees saying how much they got out of his talk.

I think it’s because he brings a powerful combination of the deeply personal along with the analytical. This seemed to resonate for so many people in the room.

He ranged from his time as a psychologist, to his career in the US military as a closeted gay man, to his time in senior leadership positions in some   leading companies. The theme of  the struggles that arise from feeling like an impostor and how it affects us in all areas of our lives including work is directly applicable to our work here at the Rainbow Tick.

Hulse, Logie and Ardern

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, Jan Logie MP , Jacinda Ardern MP

Among our guests for the day we were delighted to see the MPs  Jacinda Ardern from Labour, David Seymour, from ACT and Jan Logie from the Greens. Pual Foster-Bell  from National was held up by bad weather in Wellington and couldn’t make it. It is a great sign of the level of recognition we have that we get such cross-party support. It was also great to see Penny Hulse, Auckland’s Deputy-Mayor there.

We couldn’t have held such a successful and enjoyable event without the generous hospitality of the ASB. They have been key supporters of our work from the outset and were the first bank to get the Rainbow Tick and have really walked the talk.

Let’s see what the next two years bring !