The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion

A new report from the Human Rights Campaign in the USA "The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion" highlights the reasons why employers need to take the issue of LGBT inclusion seriously. The research is US based, but from what we hear it would be unwise to think that things in New … [Read more...]

AUT University Signs up for the Rainbow Tick


We're very excited to announce that AUT University is again showing its leadership in the sector by becoming the first University in New Zealand to sign up for the Rainbow Tick programme. AUT has consistently been a leader in creating both a workplace and a student experience that is based on … [Read more...]

Sky City Signs Up For the Rainbow Tick


We're delighted to announce that Sky City is the latest organisation to sign up for the Rainbow Tick programme. Sky City is one of the largest employers in the Auckland region and we welcome the opportunity to work with them. The Rainbow Tick demonstrates that an organisation is a welcoming … [Read more...]

UK Law Firms Leading the Way

You normally think of the legal profession as conservative and slow to change, but this is an encouraging report from the UK on just how they have quietly taken a leading role in advancing change. What's really encouraging from our point of view is that a number of big NZ law firms have shown … [Read more...]