Now We Are Three!

Wow – we turned Three last week!

February the 17th to be exact. We’ve covered an awful lot of ground with a wide range of organisations since we launched that night in 2014.

It’s been a really interesting process, and multi-faceted might be the best descriptor in many ways.

Moving from an idea, to developing a product, to launching a product and then selling it has been a challenge and also a real adventure. It’s been a lot of learning and a lot of fun.

What has made it worthwhile has been the wholehearted enthusiasm we’ve met along the way from all our Rainbow Tick Network members. From iconic heartland New Zealand brands such as Fletcher Building, to the tertiary sector, to small organisations like Repromed, to big law firms and banks, professional services to the tourism and hospitality sector,  we are now covering a wide range of the economy. And we’re still growing, with the NZRU among others having recently signed up. From Dunedin with Otago Polytechnic, through to Sky City in Queenstown, and companies in Wellington as well as Auckland, we’re reaching across the country and making people’s lives better.

PwC Mark Averil

PwC receiving the Rainbow Tick

You have embarked on this work with  sincerity and commitment to the ideals and goals of the programme.

What we hear back in our annual reviews from LGBTTI staff is that this programme has made a difference to them. It has increased their confidence, their level of engagement with their employer, and their overall well-being. What we hear from people who are not from the Rainbow communities is that the Rainbow Tick symbolises an attractive and progressive workplace, a value we had not anticipated the barnd would bring when we developed it.

This is precisely the outcome we aimed for and it is good to see this coming true.

It’s good for business, and it’s good for people from Rainbow communities.

We  do not promise perfection, but we do work on the assumption that once an organisation has the Rainbow Tick they have publicly committed to being open, safe and welcoming to people from Rainbow communities in their workforce, and they have the polices and practices sitting there to help deal with any issues that arise.

It has been truly heartening to see the way the private sector in particular has embraced this work, and the way that CEOs, governance boards and leadership teams at the top of some of New Zealand’s most iconic companies have given their support for the work.

New Zealand has changed, it has progressed and we’re proud to be part of that change, and believe that you should be proud of the role you are playing in it as organisations.

Now let’s see what the next three years holds!

OP 17 2

Otago Polytechnic Flags


Spark reception banner for Pride 2017