The Growing Rainbow Tick Network: Welcome Fletchers !

Fletcher Building is one of New Zealand’s iconic companies. It’s one of the largest firms in the country with a proud history and we are delighted to say that it has been certified with the Rainbow Tick. fletcher_building_wordmark_rgb (1)

The construction and civil engineering field is not one that people normally associate with Rainbow Diversity and Inclusion, but Fletcher Building is clearly serious in its work in this area, not just for Rainbow communities. As with many leading businesses today it has seen the value in embracing the diversity to be successful in today’s world.

Fletchers CEO

Fletcher Building CEO Mark Adamson and Michael Stevens

Fletcher Building’s CEO, Mark Adamson demonstrated his clear and unequivocal support for the programme   from the start. We know just how important it is to see  leadership from the top for the Rainbow Tick      programme to be successful.

Working with such a big organisation was an interesting challenge for us, but the company was extremely    serious and committed to the work and while it took a little longer than normal we got there in the end.

We had site visits in Christchurch, talks with staff ranging from quarry managers to store managers to give     us a picture of what sort of organisation we were working with. The dedicated work from Rainbow  community members with Fletcher Building also made a huge difference in being able to reach into the  organisation.

We are really pleased to see that Fletcher Building is now a key sponsor for the Auckland Pride Festival which starts tomorrow, and have been told to expect great things from them in the Pride Parade.

It is pretty amazing to think a company like Fletcher Building will be demonstrating its support for our communities so publicly. This would have been unthinkable ten years ago. It shows how New Zealand is changing and we’re proud to be part of that change.

Well done Fletcher Building and welcome to the Rainbow Tick !