The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion

A new report from the Human Rights Campaign in the USA “The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion” highlights the reasons why employers need to take the issue of LGBT inclusion seriously.

The research is US based, but from what we hear it would be unwise to think that things in New Zealand are really that much better.

Some key findings:

  • Despite a changing social and legal landscape for LGBT people, 53% of LGBT workers hide who they are at work
  • 35% of LGBT employees feel compelled to lie about their personal lives while at work
  • The key element shaping the workplace environment are the constant non-work related conversations
  • Close to 10% of LGBT people report leaving a position because they felt unwelcome simply for being who they are
  • Over one in five LGBT people report looking for other employment for the same reason

Competition for talent is high in today’s market. Providing a workplace where all staff feel confident to be themselves strongly assists in attracting and retaining employees.