Congratulations ASB !

We were thrilled to return to the ASB at North Wharf this Tuesday and to officially handover their Rainbow Tick certificate.

ASB Handover 2

ASB is the first bank to get to this level and they put a lot of hard work and commitment into the process. Already a key Rainbow community ally with their support for the Falcons rugby team, it’s wonderful to be part of this process with them and to see their very real commitment to being an open and inclusive workplace where people from all walks of life can be themselves.

CEO Barbara Chapman and others in the ASB’s ELT have been staunch supporters of the programme since day one, and it’s great for us and also for NZ’s LGBTTI communities to see that the leadership of some of the country’s key institutions understand the importance of creating and maintaining a truly inclusive workplace.

The hard work done by members of the bank’s own Unity Group was also central in¬†implementing the project and helping the ASB get to the requisite standard for certification.

Congratulations on being the first bank to get there, and thanks for your commitment to this work.