Celebrating !

Ali Mau PwC


We marked our 3rd birthday with a breakfast  kindly hosted for us by PwC in Auckland. Mark Averill, CEO, launched the event with some insights about how the Rainbow Tick has started to show its value in PwC.

We had the great good fortune  of listening to Ali Mau, one of New Zealand’s leading journalists and broadcasters, bring a mixture of professional and personal insight in her presentation.


We have 27 companies or organisations with the Rainbow Tick now, and ten more signed up, plus quite  a number who have started talks with us, so it  was a real pleasure to see people from all nearly all our network organisations there this morning.

Westpac gave an overview of a wonderful piece of work they did last year supporting trans youth. It’s wonderful to see our network members going the extra mile in the work they do for LGBTTI people. They provided a really valuable example of how an organisation can meet and engage with its community.

And three years on, look what we’ve done! We think it’s a pretty good achievement, and with your help we will get the Rainbow Tick even more widespread across the country.