ANZ Join the Rainbow Tick

anz_thumb  The ANZ Bank is the latest major New Zealand organisation to sign up for the Rainbow Tick programme, hosting a panel discussion at their Auckland centre yesterday to formally launch their enrollment in the programme.

It is exciting to see the the commitment that so many of our leading firms are showing to this work and their understanding that embracing and supporting diversity in the workplace is not just a feel-good issue, but something that makes a positive contribution to the business.

Antonia Watson, Chief Financial Officer, ANZ New Zealand, and Patron of the NZ Chapter of the ANZ Pride Network, said the Rainbow Tick was a demonstration that ANZ welcomed diversity and inclusiveness and valued the contribution of its talented LGBTI staff to the success of the bank.

Antonia Watson
“Banking is about relationships, being in tune with the needs of our customers and  having a deep understanding of their lives and what they want to achieve,” Ms  Watson said.“Our customers are incredibly diverse, and a wide range of ideas and  perspectives – to which our LGBTI staff make an invaluable contribution – is an  important strength of our business.”

For the past six years ANZ has been an active supporter of Auckland’s Big Gay Out  and was proud to particpate in the Auckland Pride Parade.. In addition, it has  provided various community grants through the ANZ Staff Foundation to  organisations such as Outline, The New Zealand Aids Foundation and Rainbow Youth.
“The Rainbow Tick formalises our support for our LGBTI staff, and provides a framework for us to ensure we remain welcoming of skilled people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” Ms Watson said.
Craig Bonnington, Business Development Manager and NZ chapter lead of the ANZ Pride Network says ANZ’s ongoing support for the LGBTI community is something he’s really proud of. “It’s great to be a part of a company where diversity is more than a buzzword and inclusiveness is part of the culture,” he said.

We welcome the opportunity to work with the ANZ and help them reach the Rainbow Tick standard.