Two Years of Rainbow Tick !

The Rainbow Tick turned 2 years old on February 17th !


We really weren’t sure how New Zealand would respond to the need for LGBTTI workplace inclusion, but it has been amazing to see the positive response. We have Rainbow Tick network members from some of the countries largest companies to some of the smallest.

What unites them is a desire to clearly signal to their staff and potential staff that they have a workplace that welcomes people from Rainbow communities, and that they are in a workplace where they can be themselves.

Nearly everybody has to work, and when you go to work you should be free to be yourself, and comfortable in the knowledge your employer supports you.

The programme itself has achieved a very high level of recognition over this time, and we have been able to continually improve the quality of the work we do through feedback from our Rainbow Tick Network members.

In the last 12 months we have presented at conferences in New Zealand and in the Netherlands and in Australia. These have all helped us improve what we offer as well as being able to see that we are offering a programme that is in line with the latest international best practice.

We have had reports from HR managers of people saying they were attracted to their company because of the Rainbow Tick. We have heard from people saying it is the first time they’ve felt comfortable being out at work. We’ve been told that even straight people have referenced the company’s having the Rainbow Tick as a sign it is a progressive and attractive place to work.

Hearing the feedback from Trans people, from Intersex people, from Bisexuals, Lesbians and Gay men that this programme has made a difference to them is both humbling and rewarding.

We’re thrilled with how far we’ve come, and look forward to even greater things over the next two years.

Thank you all for your support.