The Power of Inclusive Advertising

We're into the New Year, February already, and delighted to be ale to say that both Southern Cross and Cigna have joined the Rainbow Tick Network. They both did some fantastic work and we're very proud to have them as members. It's Pride season here, and Spark, another wonderful Rainbow Tick … [Read more...]

Welcome Massey University !

Prof Jan Thomans

We were very happy to hand over the Rainbow Tick certificate to Massey University yesterday at the Wellington campus. Massey is our third tertiary institution to become certified, and this demonstrates a real awareness in the higher education sector of the value of being welcoming and inclusive … [Read more...]

That’s So Gay!

This is one of the topics that comes up often in our workshops. Language is slippery, flexible and meanings shift depending on time and context, but we're pretty confident in saying that using "gay" as a negative description is really not ok. Kids get bullied with it, and adults keep using it … [Read more...]

Welcome New Zealand Rugby


It was a great day when we were able to welcome New Zealand Rugby to the Rainbow Tick network the other week. And yes, that is a Rainbow Tick on an All Blacks jersey. Who'd have thought it? You probably have to be a New Zealander to really grasp the cultural importance of rugby here. It … [Read more...]

Welcome Spark !


We're delighted to welcome Spark to the Rainbow Tick network. It was great to hand over their certificate last night. Spark has today announced it has become New Zealand’s first telecommunications company to achieve Rainbow Tick certification. The Rainbow Tick demonstrates that a business … [Read more...]

Bye Bye Audit, Hello Evaluation

Just to let you all know, we've stopped calling our assessment process an audit, and we're using the term evaluation instead. We had some useful feedback from some clients, including professional auditors, that what we do doesn't really fit that "audit" word accurately. As you know, we don't … [Read more...]

Three Years On !

CL SP WR Rainbow (002)

Coca Cola Amatil (NZ) was the second organisation to get the Rainbow Tick way back in 2014, and we're happy to say that once again they are not just up to the mark but getting better every year. Continual Quality Improvement is one of our goals with all network members, and it's always … [Read more...]

Celebrating !

Ali Mau PwC

  We marked our 3rd birthday with a breakfast  kindly hosted for us by PwC in Auckland. Mark Averill, CEO, launched the event with some insights about how the Rainbow Tick has started to show its value in PwC. We had the great good fortune  of listening to Ali Mau, one of New Zealand's … [Read more...]

Now We Are Three!

OP 17 2

Wow - we turned Three last week! February the 17th to be exact. We've covered an awful lot of ground with a wide range of organisations since we launched that night in 2014. It's been a really interesting process, and multi-faceted might be the best descriptor in many ways. Moving from an … [Read more...]